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Greenpoint Maintenance Services is focused on creating a tailored and custom cleaning program that protects your hospital staff, visitors, and patients. We use a combination of high-level training and technology to accomplish this.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)
These are the infections that a patient can get when they go to a hospital with a cleaning system that lacks all the components it needs.

  • GPMS prevents a healthcare associated infection through training our team members about the correct chemicals & appropriate dwell times to use when disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces.
  • GPMS cleaners can then help prevent extended stays for patients, or a readmission, and improve their overall safety & healing process.
  • This will help reduce overall liability for a healthcare facility, save them time & money, and protect valuable resources in their treatment of patients.
  • GPMS is motivated by the prospect of helping to save a patient’s life through infection control.
  • GPMS cleaners can provide a hospitable environment using our system of: Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank You
  • GPMS cleaners greets the patient with a warm smile.
  • The patient can learn the name of the cleaner with identifiable uniform traits.
  • GPMS cleaner explains the service being performed.
  • GPMS cleaner can thank the patient for allowing us to enter and clean.

There needs to be consistent, and clear communication between nursing departments and Greenpoint Maintenance Services team members:

  • GPMS team members will be on-call in case a room needs to be freshen up to prevent odor overnight due to a patient getting sick.
  • The nursing department can notify a GPMS team member of an isolation room that should be terminal cleaned & disinfected.

GPMS team members should ensure that all support staff have clean & disinfected departments:

  • Hospital staff need to feel happy & healthy if they are going to help a patient feel the same way.

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